Trickers Shoes

Trickers shoes

Trickers shoes : over 190 years of shoe making excellence.


"You need to choose your friends look at their shoes first"

- Savile Row cutter, Tom Mahon.

Well...who'd have thought our head cutter would come up with such a statement? I suppose the fact is we're not always wearing tailored clothing but (we hope) you're normally wearing good shoes.

There's no doubt that beautiful English shoes compliment fine English tailoring. So is it any wonder we chose England's oldest shoemakers, Trickers to compliment our tailoring. Holders of the Royal Warrant of His Royal Highness the Prince Of Wales, so definitely in good company at Redmayne. There's no doubt that Trickers deserve their reputation as one of England's finest shoemakers and we're delighted Trickers agree that their shoes are the perfect compliment to Redmayne tailoring.

There's more good news. Not only do we supply Trickers shoes but Redmayne tailoring clients receive a 10% discount on any Trickers purchased through Redmayne.

Trickers, older than Redmayne and founded in 1829 know all there is about quality shoes. Classic English designs for the town, country and weekend. Beautifully designed, and as they say, "built to last", and that they certainly are. You should have no hesitation in trusting Trickers for shoes that are perfect for every occasion.

Trickers Shoes Royal Warrant
Trickers quality shoes

Northampton through and through.

All Trickers footwear is made entirely from start to finish in their Northampton shoe factory. There are 260 individual processes in the making of a pair of Tricker’s country boots and they take eight weeks to manufacture. You can be assured of outstanding manufacturing quality and durability.

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Trickers burnished leather shoes
Trickers Tradition
Trickers traditionally handmade

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