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The Redmayne Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs


The Magnificent 8?

It's obvious that Redmayne is an old established company, with a great reputation built on almost two centuries of bespoke tailoring. Certainly, that's a wonderful heritage of which we are very proud. This background definitely influences who we are today. But who are the people who now make Redmayne what it is? If you're reading this you'll know that many old dormant companies can be bought off the shelf and marketed as the real deal when really, it's just a facade. Well that's not the case here.

It's the people that make a business work not the company name. We're not going to list everyone involved right down to our window cleaner, although Gordon is a wonderful window cleaner. Instead, we'll introduce you to a few key people who you'll meet and also some people behind the scenes who care for every order placed with Redmayne.

"El Presidente'"

Now the smart ones among you may have spotted the similarity in names. Well, it is a family firm after all and as they say "behind every great..", yes, you get the idea. Mrs Mahon is indeed the wife of our head cutter, another great benefit of his time in London. Claire grew up and was educated in Watford, Hertfordshire, about 20 minutes from central London. After school she followed her dreams to train in tailoring and went on to study for her degree in "Mens fashion, Cutting and Tailoring" at university.

Whilst studying and working at other tailors in London, Claire had the bright idea to ask for work experience in Mr Mahon's former firm, English Cut Ltd. This opened the door to a full time career in the business and other adventures with Mr Mahon. Claire worked hard and went on to hone her skills by serving clients here in the UK and on many business trips to the United States, all from the ripe old age of 19. Using her degree and natural skills at tailoring, (her Grandfather was a bespoke shirtmaker) Claire went on to work in both the bespoke and made to measure trade around London and on Savile Row.

Claire also had an unforgettable experience working on an NGO in rural Pakistan. There she taught and encouraged local female artisans in the hand embroidery business, helping them to market their skills properly whilst ensuring they received the recognition and the appropriate remuneration they deserved. By all accounts, a life changing experience that brought Claire a deeper understanding of our craft and also the realisation of how fortunate and privileged we are, here in the UK.

For reasons unknown to us, Claire then decided to get married to Mr Mahon, well over a decade ago. They are now blessed to live locally and have three fine sons together. Future generations at Redmayne?...well only time will tell. But it's safe to say that after spending her adult life married to a Savile Row tailor, she has plenty of experience. Today she uses her skills to quietly and confidently run the Redmayne ship.

(interesting note, Claire Mahon starred as an extra in the first Harry Potter film, The Philosopher's Stone. Can you spot her? Her boys certainly can)


Redmayne are tailors. And there's no denying the credentials of our head cutters career in bespoke and made to measure tailoring. Mr Mahon started his career at Redmayne as a young man. An apprentice who fell into the trade unintentionally, he learned tailoring over the following years until his boss, Michael Wigglesworth, the fifth generation grandson of Samuel Redmayne, encouraged Mr Mahon to attend college and train as a bespoke cutter. Over the following years until the completion of his apprenticeship he studied at college and the cutting room under senior cutter, Mr J Martin, a Redmayne veteran of over fifty years.

As a now qualified young man, the excitement of life on London's Savile Row, was irresistible. Although a loss to Redmayne he was encouraged by the company to fulfil his dreams and left on good terms, knowing the door was always open. His training at Redmayne secured him a position at Anderson & Sheppard, Savile Row. He was fortunate to be the last apprentice to Anderson's most senior cutter, Mr Dennis Hallbery, arguably one of the Row's greatest cutters. Although the Redmayne boy was the youngest of his peers and one of the youngest cutters on the Row, he was recognised as someone who "had an eye." At only 27, he was to become the firm's most senior cutter and awarded the duty to cut for one of the company's most valuable clients, His Royal Highness King Charles III along with many other high profile people, many of whom he still cuts for today.

Somewhat like Samual Redmayne, who founded the company, Mr Mahon felt the draw of his native county and started his own tailoring business. Again, like the Redmayne founder he revolutionised how tailoring and the craft could be explained to his clients. He started to pen the world's first tailoring blog, English Cut and went on to run his company of the same name for 15 years. His relationship with Redmayne and its staff was always strong. Michael, his old boss and friend, was hoping to retire but options for taking Redmayne into the future were looking limited. For Redmayne to cease trading was unthinkable but like a fulfilment of prophecy, Tom Mahon returned as head cutter to the company that launched his career. The rest as they say is history but rest assured, you're in good hands.

(interesting note, Tom Mahon is one of the few people today who has taken the controls and flown a Supermarine WW2 Spitfire fighter plane)

Claire and Tom Mahon

"Bloom’n Pheasants"

Michael is a fifth generation Redmayne. What can we say...a life long experienced bespoke cutter and thoroughly good chap. Although retired, he's still involved and makes sure we always remember his family's business values, and ….. “if it isn’t right, it’s wrong!” After 50 years in the trade, Michael is a great source of knowledge, guidance and fun... when he’s not with his beloved pheasants in the woods!

(interesting note, Michael is a student of training working dogs: his current best pal is a springer. Who would have guessed he needs this challenge in retirement!)

"The Sage"

Young Peter started as an apprentice coat maker at Redmayne in the summer of 1968. Fifty odd years later he's still at Redmayne and he's really got the hang of this tailoring business. He grew up, was educated and lives within 5 minutes walk of the Redmayne workshop. Peter and our head cutter have been good friends and worked together for over thirty six years. 

(interesting note, Peter Henderson was also attracted to the bright lights of London and worked with our head cutter at the same London firm. He left after a year as he could never park his car)



A gifted and very skilled coat maker whose work is admired by everyone. We're lucky to have such skill in someone so young, as great coat makers are a rare breed. Cassie trained originally at Timothy Everest and Henry Pooles. Fortunately for us she prefers making the Redmayne way of soft natural tailoring.

(interesting note, Cassie is a great oil painter and can knock out a great tune on a button accordion. Not sure about her singing though.)

"Guinea Pig Whisperer"

Jamie like Claire Mahon came to Mr Mahon for work experience whilst at University around 2006. Fortunately for Jamie, she was spared the same fate as Claire and married a nice gentleman outside of the trade instead. But there were certainly no hard feelings as Jamie, who wanted to learn the craft was put through her training by Mr Mahon. Jamie trained with one of the finest trouser makers and long time friend of Mr Mahon, Peter Humphries. Jamie has gone on to be one of the most respected bespoke trouser makers on Savile Row. 

(interesting note, Jamie and her husband breed world class Guinea pigs.)


"The Young'un"

Molly, well what can we say. We don't have a long story to tell as she's brand new to the trade. But as they say, there's something in the blood. Now why would we say that?

Well, Molly is a natural. She's dedicated, patient and diligent and charming to spend time with so things are looking good. Also, it's worth noting that Molly's grandfather was a coat maker at Redmayne all those years ago...we told you it was in the blood.

Real reason why we think she'll do well...She loves coming to work every day.

(interesting note, Molly is a county and national level champion at Lawn Green Bowling. Clearly a keen eye with steady hands.)


Lee is seldom seen as he spends most of his life on the third floor of Redmayne monitoring computer screens and grumbling. He can't sew, he can't cut or tell you much about cloth but he makes sure your orders are processed on time and the Redmayne internet presence is maintained.

Another long time friend of Mr Mahon, Lee joined Redmayne and manages all our media and all things related to IT. A thoroughbred Scotsman who risks everything to cross the border into England for Redmayne. Thankfully, with his skills he can operate from his home when he feels he's had enough of tailors. He is known to pick up the phone from time to time so if you're greeted with a strong Scottish accent then you know who you're talking to.

(interesting note, he enjoys single malt whisky)

I've lost the fleet Sir!

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