Redmayne Leather Belts

A belt from one point of view is a pretty simple piece of kit. Often leather, with an adjustable buckle, and coloured to compliment your trousers. It's not complicated but the cost varies from very little to beyond comprehension for exclusive brands.

What we're offering you, is a belt that we would wear. We don't make belts, so we went to the best. They're hand made, and we literally mean hand sewn by the fine craftsmen at Equus leather. A Redmayne, "Belt For Life" is not a title given lightly, but you only need to buy these once in a lifetime, seriously.

Our leather is prepared by tanners, Sedgwick & Co, J & FJ Baker, both renowned for making the finest bridle leather in the world. We chose bridle leather, used in equestrian saddlery for its strength and durability. Our leather is hand polished with grease and wax, creating a unique look. Obviously, labour and time intensive but it's worth it and this wonderful hand process means that, no two belts ever look the same. But what about the buckle, it's so prominent and endures years of service over a lifetime? Again, no compromises there, our buckles are all made in England by Royal Warrant holders, Abby England who supply the household of Queen Elizabeth II and Nova, one of the most trusted and innovative foundries in the world.

Redmayne Leather Belts

We have exclusively curated our selection of belts and you'll not find these anywhere else. We specially commissioned our leather and complimentary buckles. All our belts are discreetly embossed in pure silver with the Redmayne horse logo only visible to the wearer. The final finishing stitching is in classic Redmayne blue. If you want a belt made without compromise, then here it is.


Bespoke Redmayne Belt

As bespoke Savile Row tailors we know that not everyone is a standard size and you may like to personalise your belt. If so, our bespoke belt service is for you. You can personalise your belt by giving us your measurements, selecting your leathers and buckle to make your belt truly your own. The bespoke service usually takes 3-4 weeks to make plus delivery. If you'd like to consider this service then do drop us a note and we'll guide you through the process.