Suit In A Box

Redmayne Suit In A Box, the perfect gift.

Suit in a box : There's no gift like it...


What is a
"Suit In A Box"?

The perfect gift. Well, that's what our clients say. Anniversaries, graduation or simply for that first big job interview. This is an easy and completely unique way for you to treat someone special. Alternatively, a great inspirational gift for loyal staff or an award for hard work, well done.

Deciding on a gift is always difficult but the Redmayne suit in a box is the perfect answer. To clarify, it's not quite a suit in a's more of a brilliant idea in a box. Depending on how generous you're feeling you can pre purchase any type of beautiful tailoring. It could be made to measure a pair of trousers or you could commission a beautiful handmade, bespoke dinner suit. The choice is yours and best of all the recipient of your kindness gets to choose the exact cloth and style that they want whilst enjoying the Redmayne experience.

The gift of a suit in a box can be used at either of our locations or at one of our trunk shows in the USA *. Also, if the lucky recipient can't get to see us then they can always use our famous suit copying service. In other words; everyone can enjoy the gift of tailoring from Redmayne.

English Tailoring
of the finest quality.

To gift someone with the unforgettable beauty of tailored clothes is original and unique. Every time our tailored garment is slipped on, your kindness will be remembered for years to come.

To give this special gift, all you need to do is contact us and let us know what you'd like to arrange for the special someone. We'll then ship you one of our lovely Redmayne gift boxes with a personal note from Redmayne. Inside our box is a sample selection of the finest suiting and tweeds, although we've thousands of cloth's to choose from, this little selection will fuel and inspire their imagination.

* All suit in a box purchases must be redeemed within one year or a surcharge will be added*

To arrange for the best present ever...

Redmayne Suit In A Box - It doesn't have to be a suit!.
Redmayne Seersucker

Quality tailoring, without compromise.

Whether you commission bespoke or made to measure, the level of care we give is exactly the same. This stems from our head Cutter, Tom Mahon's enthusiasm that everyone should be able to have access to quality tailoring, without compromise.


"What a fabulous experience and Thomas and Claire are the most lovely, knowledgeable and friendly people. The suit is top notch and fits superbly, the advice was fantastic and the service was personal and outstanding. The whole experience of buying a made to measure suit was very special. I couldn't recommend Redmayne Tailors highly enough."

- J.M.

Suit In A Box seersucker lapel

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