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Redmayne in the USA

Wondering how it all works? Read on...


So, how does it work?

If you are based in the USA and considering ordering from Redmayne, who are based in England, we suspect you'll have a few questions about the process. We'll try to answer these for you here but if you need to speak to us directly, please don't hesitate to drop us a note.

1. The Beginning

So you're new to Redmayne and you've heard we make smashing bespoke and made to measure suits, and decide you'd like to order. Firstly, you need to contact us to arrange a consultation at one of the 5 US cities that we visit regularly. If we can schedule you an appointment, we'll initially need to see you for an hour for either bespoke or made to measure. In that time we get to know you, let you see and possibly try on some of our garments. If you like what we do and we've discussed your needs, we choose your cloth(s) from our large selection. After a cloth(s) has been chosen, we advise you on the appropriate cut and style and then measure you. Whilst in the US your chosen cloth(s) will be reserved by us, until we return back to England. Once back to the workshop a bespoke pattern or measurement profile is created and we prepare your suit for either, a fitting for Bespoke or Acclaim). If you've ordered from our 1860 range then the suit is put into production for delivery in 10-12 weeks.

2. Next steps

Many of our US friends' professions and lifestyles vary. So the result is that the method and time to complete your suit can vary, depending on your location and also if you get to visit the UK. But if you are permanently based in the US then it runs something like this -

We return to England and prepare your orders as above. When complete and ready for fitting we advise you of our next visit and arrange to meet you for your fitting. At our next meeting we need you for about half an hour, to fit and discuss details with your order. Also, you may wish to look at more cloths for further commissions. For clients who have ordered from our 1860 service, the order will have been completed and shipped to you previously but you'll still be invited for a fitting on our return to make sure you're delighted.

3. Road to completion

After our second meeting we then return home to do the following. For bespoke, your order(s) will be re-cut, your bespoke pattern amended and we shall proceed to finish your order(s). For our Acclaim service, we recut as necessary and amend your measurement profile. As with bespoke your order is  completed here in our workshop. For made to measure 1860 clients, your suit will have already been completed and shipped to you. However, should any alterations be needed we return your order back to the workshop for adjustments and again alter your measurement profile.

4. Future orders

As President Theodore Roosevelt said- “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Now we're not saying ordering from Redmayne is hard but certainly a little effort and patience is required for your initial order. After that there's good news -

For bespoke clients - We'll know you, personally. We'll have a bespoke pattern and allocated your tailors who actually sew your clothes together. So in other words we can now speed up the process for you...well, a little anyway. You can order and select future orders using our pattern service, no matter where you are based and whenever you need them. As we have your details we can make a fitting for you for our next US visit or for when you visit the UK.

For all made to measure orders you again can request cloth samples whenever needed and we can make your order through to completion or again have a fitting ready for you in anticipation of our next meeting.

5. Summing up

A little effort and patience is required to start the process but when we have your details you're good to go. We have hundreds of US clients that have been using us for decades. It is a continual cycle, which involves ordering, fitting, altering if you ever change shape and it runs very smoothly. Of course we can and often do, straight finish a bespoke garment from ordering but we prefer not to. Made to measure orders make use of modern technology and can be easily re-ordered and the quality of consistency is excellent, put simply you can wear your new suit straight out of the box.

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