Classic English Braces

Braces or suspenders? Well, that all depends on which side of the pond you're from. We British prefer to say braces, as the term suspenders makes an English gentleman think of something entirely different.

We've over 160 years of heritage, making beautifully tailored suits and you can imagine we've had a lot of experience with braces. Throughout Redmayne's history, we have always supplied and recommended only one maker of braces. Albert Thurston, founded in England in 1820, representing the finest in English braces to this day. Thurston's has been supplying braces even longer than Redmayne has been making suits so you know they can be trusted.

Many people are surprised how popular braces still are. Speaking as tailors, a pair of trousers with braces are not only stylish but also very comfortable, as you can enjoy a little more breathing room. Your trousers hang far, far better, with no drooping or slipping down. As Oscar Wilde said " Clothes should hang from the shoulder, not from the waist".

Classic English braces

We're delighted to offer you a beautiful collection of classic braces that will complement any outfit. Don't think for one minute, we've simply asked Mr Thurston to give us braces so we can put our label on them. Far from it, all our braces are exclusive to Redmayne. Every pair is personally designed, with individual selection of the buckles and leather ends. All our braces are discreetly embossed with the Redmayne horse logo. This discreetly reminds the wearer of the fine choice made by purchasing a pair of Redmayne braces.

We're particularly proud of our Redmayne blue and gold braces. The silk was specially designed and woven by Vanners silk, arguably England's finest silk weavers, since 1740. We hope you enjoy looking through our collection and rest assured you will not find better.