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A special relationship, between you and your cutter


The inspiration for all modern suiting.

Bespoke Savile Row tailoring is the inspiration for all modern suiting. Bespoke : a term derived before the mass production of garments. This is a process built on a very special relationship, between the client and the cutter. Originally, all cloth lengths were held in stock so when a cloth had been chosen, it had "been spoken for"- so a collaboration would begin to make a bespoke garment entirely made to a client's individual specifications.

Tom Mahon Bespoke Savile Row Tailor
Look your best in a Redmayne dinner suit

Passion, style and knowledge

Redmayne bespoke is the core of our passion, style and knowledge; it touches everything we do. The fit of our bespoke garments exudes our house style, incorporating high fitted armholes, soft construction, natural shoulder line. A bespoke commission is an investment in clothing that will last for years and that you'll want to cherish.

Bespoke is the core of our passion

Bespoke takes a minimum of three months to six month to complete and the process is highly detailed. Initially after cloth selection, Tom Mahon, our head cutter will take more than 20 measurements and figuration details which is required to create a client's hand-drafted personal pattern.

The pattern is then used to cut the individual parts of each garment from the cloth(s) selected. Every pattern is cut using our freehand method as we never use any block patterns or electronic cutting systems.

As with everything in bespoke, a pattern is cut that is as individual as you are. Your suit(s) are then trimmed with the finest linens and silks available ready for the individual tailors.

Bespoke bluejacket from Redmayne
40 years of tailoring experience

Dedicated to each garment.

A specialised tailor then starts the process of making each part of the suit. There are individual coat, trouser and waistcoat tailors who all have a different skills dedicated to each garment.

With bespoke tailoring, each stage of a client's commission is carried-out by craftsmen but always overseen by Tom Mahon. From the earliest fitting to completion, everything is personal and hand-made.

This includes details like the button holes and flower loop. True bespoke tailoring has been the foundation of Redmayne for over 150 years. There is nothing finer in our range of personal tailoring which is why we currently make our bespoke in limited numbers.

(Left: Peter Henderson, 40 years of tailoring experience.)


Bespoke Price List 

Bespoke Commission starting from and including UK Sales VAT @ 20%
All prices are in pounds Sterling.


Garment Type
Two Piece Suit 3805
Three Piece Suit 4910
Jacket 2580
Blazer 2700
Trousers 1350
Overcoat 3805
Two Piece Dinner Suit 4660
Three Piece Dinner Suit 5765


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