Made To Measure Excellence From Redmayne
Made to measure : personally designed by Tom Mahon, Head Cutter


Tailoring at the highest level.

Heritage and authority of tailoring at the highest level. Combine that with the finest standard of European make and you've got something unique. Our desire is to take everything we know about bespoke and implement its DNA into our made to measure tailoring. Remember, we are tailors. We know what we're doing, and we always exact the highest standards. This is not only to benefit you as clients, but also to be true to ourselves.

Redmayne Blue Made to Measure Suit
Redmayne Made to Measure Suit Detail

Fully canvassed for comfort and maximum durability

Our lapels are padded for a rich soft roll. The chest and shoulder construction is made of the finest components, specially chosen by us to give a soft natural look. This offers superb lightweight comfort to the client. Our patterns, designed by Head Cutter, Tom Mahon, are cut with high armholes, a slim silhouette and natural soft shoulder. Put simply, the very essence of classic English style which is synonymous with our tailoring heritage.

Quality tailoring, without compromise.

Whether you commission bespoke or made to measure, the level of care we give is exactly the same. This stems from Tom Mahon's enthusiasm that everyone should be able to have access to quality tailoring, without compromise.

Redmayne Classic English Soft Tailoring
Redmayne Made to Measure Suit Choices

Made to Measure - The 1860 - Starting from £995.

To step into the world of Savile Row tailoring, the "1860" is the perfect start. You'll be offered our signature cut in our house style, made to the highest quality from a wide selection of English cloths and incorporating key bespoke design features. Each commission is made using a traditional full body canvas, which defines the look and feel of these wonderful garments. We will personally discuss your needs then guide you through the details and choices available. The 1860 suit takes just six weeks from consultation to completion. We feel this is the very best entry into made to measure tailoring and offers excellent quality and value.

Made to Measure - The 1860 Acclaim - Starting from £1,695.

For the ultimate in our service, we suggest the "1860 Acclaim". All features of The 1860 are included but with added details that elevate this option close to a handmade bespoke finish. Choose from an unlimited selection of fabrics from England's finest cloth merchants. Upon completion of the first stage of your order, you'll be invited for a fitting before your commission is hand-finished at our bespoke workshop.

Our 1860 Acclaim service takes typically six to seven weeks to completion. The extra time is needed for the fitting and specialised hand finishing. For limitless cloth selection, hand-finishing and a service similar to our bespoke clients, then The 1860 Acclaim represents the pinnacle in made to measure.

Redmayne Made to Measure Suiting


Made To Measure Price List 

Bespoke Commission starting from and including UK VAT @ 20% 
All prices are in pounds Sterling.


Two Piece Suit 995
Three Piece Suit 1290
Jacket 695
Dinner Suit 1390
Overcoat 995
Trousers or Waistcoat (Separate) 345
Trousers or Waistcoat (Additional) 295
Two Piece Suit 1695
Three Piece Suit 1995
Jacket 1125
Dinner Suit 2095
Overcoat 1695
Trousers or Waistcoat (Separate) 595
Trousers or Waistcoat (Additional) 395


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