Cloth choices at Redmayne bespoke tailors
Historical Redmayne clients ledger.


Five generations of family tailoring

S Redmayne Ltd began its tailoring dynasty way back in 1860. Samuel Redmayne built a business of over twenty five retail stores and the most modern tailoring factory in Europe. A great philanthropist who was known as the "best boss". Due to the decline of suit wearing in the 70's and 80's, Redmayne has since specialised in bespoke tailoring for a world wide client base. This is when a young, fresh faced apprentice turned up called Tom Mahon.

Time to create
In days of yore....

Fine tailoring is an art and personal expression.

The Redmayne suit formula is simple - a slim cut silhouette and a soft comfortable make; a suit which looks individual and is a pleasure to wear. A really special suit needs a story and heritage behind it, which we have in spades. This will ultimately become clear in the look and feel of the garment. A suit from Redmayne reflects both our 150 year history as bespoke tailors and the singular view of our Head Cutter, Tom Mahon.

(Left: Tom Mahon and Michael Wigglesworth attend Royal Warrant Holders dinner 1986)

Back to the future!

Redmayne is the company that launched the career of our Head Cutter and Creative Director, Tom Mahon over three decades ago. After his apprenticeship, he went on to further hone his skills as senior cutter at Savile Row's Anderson and Sheppard. Tom also penned the world's first tailoring blog, English Cut and founded and ran his own company of the same name for over 15 years. Just like Redmayne, his career and reputation has been built over the years on trust and experience. This tradition continues today as Tom trains here in our own workshop and teaching at university. 

(Right: Bespoke hand cut patterns)

Redmayne bespoke client patterns
Redmayne Cutting Room 1960's

The embodiment of Savile Row elegance

Our house style is the embodiment of Savile Row elegance and we want you to make an informed decision based on our background, experience, and knowledge. So, if you prefer a softer, more natural look with all the hallmarks of classic English tailoring, then we may be the tailors for you. We stick to our roots and what we do well - that is Redmayne.

(Left: The Redmayne cutting room - 1960's)