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Redmayne Suit Copying Service

Redmayne started its suit copying service way back in 1933. So as you can imagine after all that time we've developed the experience to deliver a superior suit copying service.
The perfect answer for those who are unable to visit us personally.

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The Highest Quality

It's understood that we always strive to give the highest quality of make, in both our bespoke and made to measure clothing. Both encompass our traditional English cut style of soft and comfortable tailoring. For most clients, this is usually combined with our knowledge of cutting the garments and fitting your garments. There's no denying that dealing with you personally, from the initial consultation to completion is the normal procedure and what we'd all prefer, however, sometimes that's simply not possible. This might be because of geographical distance, time constraints, or other unusual circumstances, something we all now know too well.


"Tom and Claire Mahon are a pleasure to work with. They produce garments of exceptional quality at very reasonable prices. I am most pleased with the fit of the two suits that I just received from them. Their attentiveness and responsiveness throughout the commissioning process was most appreciated. I intend to be a repeat customer"

- D.W.

So how does it work?

Well firstly, we should point out that for hand made bespoke garments, the suit copying service is not available. Yes, if you're an established bespoke client we can and often do, straight finish garments without seeing you for a fitting. But this is very rare, and would only be done because we know you well and ultimately we'll get to see you a little later down the line. I'm sorry if we've raised hopes for aspiring bespoke clients, possibly based in Antarctica or Nebraska, you'll just have to be patient. 

The answer for those who can't come to see us is our made to measure service. This is the perfect option if you want fine Redmayne tailoring but you're unable to be measured personally. These are the simple steps explaining how you can take advantage of our suit copying service

Suit Copying Blue Jacket
Head Cutter Tom Mahon Measuring

Step 1.

Obviously you'll need a sample garment that we can copy for you. I know...many of you are about to say is your suit doesn't fit you properly, or you don't like the style. Well, that's not a problem and using our experience we can deal with that. This will all come clear as you read on.

Step 2.

Contact us. Get in touch and let us know what type of garment you want copied. It can be a suit(s), trousers or any classic tailored garment. It can be old, new and in any condition.

Step 3.

Let us know what type of cloth you're looking for. It can be anything, a classic medium weight navy or a head turning chalk stripe. It may be that you want a new tweed or linen or possibly a dinner suit. Quite simply, we have access to all of the world's finest cloth's and so shall you. When we know the type of cloth(s) you're after we have a three stage system for you to select your cloth. Firstly, we use our experience to select some appropriate examples. We then send you Internet links so you can view these cloth's online. Once you've narrowed your selection down, you simply let us know the cloth numbers and we will ship the actual cloth samples for you to see, feel and choose from. 

Step 4.

Once your cloth(s) have been chosen we'll send you a very simple form to complete. This will ask what details you like or dislike about your sample garment and a confirmation of style and fit details. For example, your sample may be a 3 button front and you'd prefer a two button. Possibly the sleeves you've always felt were a little long or the trousers a little short. In other words we want to improve on your sample if we can. To help us further ensure you're delighted, we'll ask you to have a photo taken of you wearing your sample from the front, back and profile. Our cutter can then check everything and we may point out some observations and make some recommendations to you, if we feel we can improve the fit or style for a better result. The whole process is smooth, quick, simple and very convenient.

"Now I know there's lots of sartorial questions bursting into your mind, so let's give you the inside story to put your mind at rest with a few
Q &A's."

Our House Style?

Now then...if you're new to the world of quality tailoring then this will need a little explaining. The "house style" quite literally means what it says. The style of the garments produced by a tailoring house. So this is something we want to make perfectly clear.

At Redmayne we have a softer and more natural construction of make, our "house style". The suit copying service is there for your convenience but the clothing we make for you will be nothing less than classic English Redmayne tailoring. Of course, so it should be as that's why you came to us in the first place. So for clarity, all our garments will have light shoulder construction, a super soft fully canvassed body. Our lapel widths are never skimpy along with our pocket flaps. If your sample is of a style that's nothing like our make then we'll advise you before we proceed. The aim of the suit copying service is to allow us to supply you a well fitting and beautifully made Redmayne garment and nothing less.

Redmayne Suit Copying Measuring Grey Shoulder

The Sample Garment?

Depending on what you need to order your sample may be a three piece suit or a simple pair of your favourite trousers. Your sample garment is used as an aid to make you a new garment that you will be delighted with. If you are adamant that your sample garment is absolutely perfect in every way, then we'll take your word for it and copy it exactly as your sample. However, if you're not already a Redmayne client, your sample may be almost there but not quite. So using our process, this is how we'll get your new garment exactly as desired.

Cloth Selections?

Unless otherwise clearly stated. All our cloth's will be made here in England or Scotland, that's what we prefer. From time to time the odd Italian cloth length sneaks under the radar. There are some lovely cloth's made outside of the UK but we prefer British. We have a good selection of stock English cloths that offer excellent value.

Sending my Sample Garment?

Once you've chosen your cloth(s) and we've discussed and fit and any style amendments of your sample we email you a courier shipping document. All you need to do is print off the shipping label and package your sample in a plastic bag and a sturdy box. Once received we'll get all the information we need to make you a new beautiful Redmayne garment.

Both your original sample and your new commission will be returned to you ten to twelve weeks later. The other fantastic part of this service is that we will now have all of your measurement details. Which simply means that in future when you require further commissions we can simply arrange cloth samples and once chosen you can expect beautiful Redmayne clothes straight out of the box, wherever you may be. 

We hope we've managed to explain our service clearly for you. However, please contact us if you need any further help with anything regarding the Redmayne tailoring service. 

Redmayne Suit Copying Service


Suit Copying Price List

Suit Copying Commissions starting from and including UK Sales VAT @ 20% and include English cloth, fully canvassed and traditional tailored collar and cuffs.
Prices including VAT applicable to UK residents only.

Due to the remote nature of this service 100% payment is required upon commission.


Garment Type Incl.  VAT Excl. VAT USD
Two Piece Suit £1340 £1117 $1362
Three Piece Suit £1765 £1470 $1794
Jacket £895 £745 $909
Dinner Suit (2pc) £1560 £1300 $1586
Dinner Suit (3pc) £2005 £1670 $2038
Overcoat £1340 £1117 $1360
Trousers £449 £374 $456
Waistcoat £449 £374 $456

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