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It is a fact, you can't beat having quality tailoring made personally for you. Although we'd all love this experience, we know this isn't always possible. What we don't accept is that you can't enjoy the same quality of cut, style and make. Identical to the high standards set for our renowned made to measure tailoring.

Savile Row tailoring has always been at the core of Redmayne. Our aim is to take everything we know about bespoke tailoring and implement its DNA into our Ready to be Worn collection.

There's more good news. Not only do we supply Trickers shoes but Redmayne tailoring clients receive a 10% discount on any Trickers purchased through Redmayne.

We are tailors, not retailers.

Redmayne has tailored at the highest level for decades and we decided to make this small, essential collection, so that you can enjoy the very best in English tailoring.

Two Classics : Wardrobe essentials that every gentleman should own. Classic English worsted, a perfect mid grey and a more formal timeless navy. Each beautifully cut and styled

Redmayne Ready To Be Worn  -  The Formal Navy: Button Holes
The Elegant Grey

Need to know

There are plenty of suits to buy online but what are you getting? Well, we can't speak for anyone else but we offer are suits made our way, the right way.

  • English cloth, woven in Yorkshire, England.
  • Styled and designed by our own renowned bespoke head cutter.

All our coats are made using a traditional full body canvas. Rarely found in ready to wear, it's labour intensive and expensive to make. But it's worth it and infinitely superior to a half canvassed or fused garments.

House Style : Soft comfortable make, cut to flatter. A slim waist and fuller chest with a classic soft natural shoulder. Side vents with either elegant 3 roll to 2 button fronts or a classic 2 button. Perfectly slanted or straight outer pockets. Trousers cut traditional English, two forward pleats. No belt loops, correct strap and buckle adjusters reflecting the quality of our bespoke.

The Details : We made decisions to ensure that all the style details and hallmarks of fine tailoring are in our ready to be worn. Details often overlooked but never by Redmayne : Fully canvassed, horn buttons, brace buttons, metal zipper, cut lapel hole and flower loop, lined trouser skirt and classic turn up bottoms.

Time to be dressed by Redmayne and Dress Well.

Ready To Go Grey
Two Button?

Ready To Go Grey
Three Button?

The Formal Navy

Ready To Go Navy
Two Button?

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