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Redmayne making bespoke suits since 1860

A special relationship, between you and your cutter


Savile Row elegance

Bespoke, Savile Row tailoring is the inspiration behind all modern suiting, including made to measure tailoring. Bespoke is the benchmark and even the term bespoke was derived long before the mass production of ready made tailoring. Bespoke tailoring, is a process built on a very special relationship, between the client and the Cutter. Historically, all cloth lengths were held in stock by a tailor, so when a cloth had been chosen by a client, it was said to have "been spoken for". A collaboration then begins between you and your Cutter to commission something truly special. From the outset, the focus of a bespoke commission is to create a unique garment, entirely made to your needs and your requirements.

The Core of Our Business.

Redmayne bespoke tailoring, is at the core of our business and has been so since 1860. This attention to detail starts at the top and touches everything that we do. Our bespoke garments are uncompromisingly cut and made according to our house style, incorporating high fitted armholes, soft construction, and a natural shoulder line. A bespoke commission from Redmayne is an investment that can not be described in words. But one word we will offer is a warning. As once bespoke tailoring has been sampled, there's no going back as nothing else will do. Not even the finest made to measure tailoring and we should know, as we produce that also. Redmayne bespoke tailoring is the ultimate and it's that simple.

Bespoke commissions usually take two to three months to complete, depending on your availability for fittings. The process is highly detailed but if you're new to bespoke tailoring, here's how the basic process works

Bespoke suit creation
Bespoke suit in the making

The Process.

1. Cloth & Style.

Firstly we want to get to know you, what your needs are and what you need us to do for you. It may be a suit for a special day, work or simply the perfect suit you can turn to for all occasions. You may live locally or on the other side of the world, we'd like to know all of these details so we can better guide you through the first stage, cloth selection and style choice.

2. The Pattern

Once the appropriate cloth is chosen and the style of cut is decided, our head cutter will take more than 20 measurements and figuration details which are required to create your own personal, hand-drafted pattern.

3. Trimming

As with everything in bespoke, all decisions made are unique to you which leads to the next stage trimming. Your order will be trimmed, that is selecting everything needed to actually make your order. The finest linings, canvas and silks are used and everything, right down to the shade of buttonhole twist and horn buttons are carefully matched to your requirements.

Bespoke Tailoring Patterns
Bespoke trimmings, only the best will do.

4. Creation.

A specialised tailor is then chosen by your Cutter who is responsible for making each garment in your suit. There are individual coat (jacket) makers, trouser and waistcoat makers who all have different skills dedicated to each garment. With bespoke tailoring, each stage of your commission is carried-out by craftsmen but always overseen by your Cutter, whose objective is to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.

5. Fittings.

We then have a further fitting or possibly two before completion. This is where other minor adjustments can be made to ensure you're delighted. Your order then has the final finishing (hand sewing and buttonholes etc) and pressing. Your bespoke garment will then be complete but having you stand in front of a mirror with a big smile on your face isn't the end of the story. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding" so we always like to see you again in a few months to make sure your new suit is performing as it should and that you're completely satisfied. And yes, perhaps there's another reason for this. We always ask you to drop by again as normally the experience was so good, you'll want to repeat it.

Impossible to Describe

As we said earlier, it's impossible to describe the bespoke service service in words. But if you want to consider the finest in bespoke Savile Row tailoring then drop us a note. Our Cutter will be happy to meet you, show you some examples of our work and you certainly won't be under any obligation to order. You'll be able to try on a bespoke order and although it won't be made for you, you'll still realise that it's something very, very special. If you need more information or you're ready to start your bespoke adventure then simply click here.


"'It's hard to describe the experience at Redmayne, almost as hard as describing how you feel wearing one of their suits. Both experiences are paramount. Tom and Claire are welcoming, kind, funny and generous, both masters of their crafts. Tom cuts with majesty and explains the art of tailoring as well as anyone while Claire exudes a warmth and kindess that permeates the fabric of the clothes themselves. I couldn't recommend Redmayne more, whether it be for a 3 piece, an overcoat, a shirt or just a cup of tea"

- J.F.

Molly hard at work
Bespoke Suit Hand Finishing
Summer Break

The Redmayne team will be taking a well earned break to recharge from Friday 19th August, re-opening on Monday 29th of August.

Please note that during this period we will be checking emails and doing our best to respond to all queries as quickly as possible but it may take around 3 working days for a response.


Bespoke Price List

Bespoke Commissions starting from and including UK Sales VAT @ 20%
Prices including VAT applicable to UK residents only.
US Dollar pricing based on £1 = $1.36 as at 11/02/22
50% payable on commission / 50% upon completion.


Garment Type Incl.  VAT Excl. VAT USD
Two Piece Suit £3995 £3329 $4528
Three Piece Suit £5155 £4296 $5842
Jacket £2710 £2258 $3071
Blazer £2835 £2363 $3213
Trousers £1420 £1183 $1609
Overcoat £3995 £3329 $4528
Two Piece Dinner Suit £4895 £4079 $5548
Three Piece Dinner Suit £6055 £5046 $6862

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