Alterations Price List


Please note, due to how busy our workshop is we can only offer alterations to our own garments.

Alteration Incl.  VAT
Shorten / lengthen sleeves from cuff £45
Shorten / lengthen sleeves from shoulders £75
Take in centre seam £45
Take in side seams £55
Take in side & centre seams £65
Deepen armhole £35
Square neck £55
Shorten / lengthen jacket length £75
Narrow shoulders £75
Reline jacket (includes lining) £195
Alteration Incl.  VAT
Shorten / lengthen trousers £35
Take in / let out waist £35
Taper Thigh £45
Taper full leg £55
Re-fork £45
Add brace buttons £25
Replace Zip £45
Remove belt loops and add side adjusters £45
Alteration Incl.  VAT
Reline waistcoat back (includes lining) £115
Take in side seams £45
Shorten waistcoat £45