Lovat - The Home of Tweed
(The home of tweed)


I am a very fortunate tailor indeed. I have clients all over the world and I get to share my time between London and Cumbria, arguably the most beautiful corner of England.

Another benefit of these dual bases is that I can easily travel into Scotland in search of beautiful fabrics that aren't always available through the normal London cloth merchants.

We have Linton tweeds, famous for making for Chanel's unique tweeds only ten minute drive away. Then as I did yesterday we only have to travel an hour up the road to the famous weaving mill of Lovat in Hawick in the beautiful Scottish borders. Our relationship goes back many years and I'd like to thank Stephen and the team for their kind help and hospitality.


 Lovat Craftsmanship
(A trained eye) 


Hawick has quite the history and quite the accent. In fact you can thank the local borders dialect and misreading for the term "Tweed" that we use today. The story goes something like this. A couple of hundred years ago a London cloth merchant misread the Scottish local term for "twill" marked as "Tweel" on a bolt of cloth from Hawick. This was then mispronounced as "Tweed" and the name stuck, so there you have it.

With the history lesson over, you can imagine this wasn't purely a social visit. As I said they make superb cloths including tweeds, cashmere's and worsted suiting's. I found some fantastic cloths which I'm looking forward to showing to my clients that come directly from the mill. As this year our workshop celebrates being on the high street for 150 years, we thought we'd do something special. Now I've not been here that long although some of our staff have have been with us for over 50 years of that history which is pretty impressive. 

To celebrate we're having a new coat of paint at our workshop and I wanted to design a cloth that was very special and exclusive to Redmayne. I want it to be a good four seasons weight which will make a lovely coat or less formal suit. Of course I know you'll want to see it and so do I but after design, sampling and planning we wont have this until the end of the summer. Good things are worth waiting for.


Time to Spruce Up
(It's a long way down)


Designing a cloth is a highly complicated and skilful business. To have people trust us and who are prepared make a cloth for us from scratch is such a privilege. For some reason Stephen holds us in very high regard and told me that the trade wants to support us in any way they can. Clearly, Stephen and his colleagues have been spending too much time in that notorious Scottish sunshine but the kindness is much appreciated. I can't tell you much about this unique cloth apart from it will be in the Redmayne colours of blue and gold and you definitely won't be getting it from anywhere else. I have to say I enjoyed my time at the mill so much I may get in the habit of using our friends experience to produce more unique limited runs of cloth in the future. 


Tom Checking Tweeds
(I'll find what I'm looking for)

June 12, 2018 by Tom Mahon