Savile Row tailoring. Twenty years ago, only the most privileged were aware of its discreet magic. Being an apprentice in the craft at that time was pretty special; there were the stalwarts of skill and style surrounding me, I had so many people to learn from. However, your average twenty year old student in the local pub had no idea what I was training for. The girls I was chasing had even less of a clue but at least they liked my suit.

Tom Mahon's alma maters...(my alma mater business cards from the 80's and 90's)

I knew I was learning a special skill over the years as an apprentice cutter. Something that I loved and something that would always stir emotions. It was more than just the shears and cloth, it was about listening to the customers and bringing their ideas to life.

Fast forward twenty or so years and thanks to the Internet and partly to some of my writing, the art of tailoring is more popular than ever. So bearing in mind this is what I love and it's how I earn a living, that's good timing for both you and I.

I say you, because my bespoke is a joy but also hard to attain for two reasons. It's a serious investment in both time and money and due to the dwindling amount of genuine skill its become limited in supply. Thankfully, we have an alternative which is both more affordable and accessible. This is where our made to measure comes in. Thanks to advances in technology and a more recent awareness of how good tailoring should be produced, the bar has been lifted to the highest level. 

I've wanted to get my shears into this realm of tailoring for years.  I've looked at many examples of suits, and my family are rather sick of my reaction to your average suit that is seen in stores, on actors and politicians. I know that not all suits are made equal but the bad examples certainly stand out from the crowd; they look like what they often are - ready made and unremarkable.

But how about this - people often don't know if I'm wearing my made to measure or my bespoke. Because of the above and a lifetime in this trade, I've at last been able to get the bespoke hallmarks into our made to measure. Combine that with fine English cloth and hand finishing, you end up with bespoke looking suits that astonish even my most experienced colleagues.

Seriously, cloth, cut and make are hugely important but if you don't have experienced people to measure, fit and help put it all together - then it's not going to get mistaken for a garment far superior to its price tag. More's the point, you're not going to get the full benefit if your suit is not professionally fitted to you.

That's were we come in. Until the day comes that I can't cut sharp on that eighth of an inch chalk line, you're going to have me scrutinising every suit that leaves Redmayne. My first priority will always be my bespoke, but this year I'm limiting the number of suits I'm cutting so that I can personally introduce as many of you as I can to our made to measure service. It's not often you'll find a bonafide Savile Row tailor spending time fitting made to measure suits, but thats is what I'll be doing for the next year. I'll guide you through the whole process to make sure you look and feel your very best. 

You can request an appointment to be measured by me in London, at our Cumbrian workshop or on one of my visits to the USA.

You never know, apart from ending up looking sharp, you may even enjoy yourself along the way.

October 09, 2017 by Tom Mahon