Well it's been a busy couple of weeks. There's always plenty to do and I must thank the wonderfully kind people of Oxford University's Vincent's Club and Cambridge University's, Hawks' Club. I know if they read this they'll probably be concerned that they're sharing the same the same sentence.

Oxford and Cambridge
(Cambridge and Oxford Blues)

As you can imagine, with two alma maters who have combined history spans of more than two millennia, you can guarantee that there may be a little rivalry. Why not indeed as competition is good and it makes you all the better for it.

What I must say is that it's a real pleasure to be providing many of these charming young men with their first taste of Savile Row tailoring. We will be making regular visits to each club every six weeks or so to do our part in preparing them sartorially for the future that awaits them. What's interesting to me is the various cloths, tweeds and special details each club requires.

Oxford and Cambridge Cloths

The tweeds are classic and very stylish but the vivid blue of Cambridge is very striking. You can see in the pictures that Cambridge even has a modern tartan, designed by our own Michael no less. I have to say it's striking and I have no doubt it will go down as a classic for generations to come.

Redmayne usually does not have sales or give discounts as we feel we're pretty reasonable as it is. However, if you attend either Oxford and Cambridge and are a member of either club we'd be delighted to make a student's loan stretch that little bit further.

Well I need to get on as my usual USA visit is coming up fast!

October 26, 2017 by Tom Mahon