Funny how things turn out..... This is a common saying that we all find ourselves saying at some point. Of course, the crux of this is, did it turn out for better or worse? Personally speaking, it's usually the former for me and this is no exception.

I don't want to talk about my last company as that was the past. However, the simple reality is that it was my idea, my concept and my approach as to how tailoring should be cut, made and styled. Not really rocket science, everyone knows that ethos comes from the top and that's what cutters do. I take responsibility for inviting in another partner and it turned out that we were incompatible. C'est La Vie, it happened and I wish them well.

So guess what, if you liked what you had before I left my old company then you'll be pleased to know you'll find it here and more.

If you are a bespoke client or considering to be one, then you'll know that everything we do on a commission will be between you and I, which is how it should be. Skill and training are highly important but actually how well you're understood and my ability to work with you and supervise my tailors is really the key to success. Oh..and it never works the other way round by the way. It's my responsibility to make sure you're delighted and I never take that lightly.

This responsibility doesn't stop with bespoke. It's a mind set that filters through to our made to measure and soon, ready to wear. This is an area where l've learned a lot and I never waste any lessons. So I assure you, our service will be the best in design and quality. Why would that be? Because, I make sure it is, that's my job - your cutter.

Thanks for dropping by and come back soon.

September 21, 2017 by Tom Mahon